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Love: There could be an unconventional situation which you would be required to explain to seniors.

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Personal: This could be a good time to enjoy some quality time with your family. Professional: You could have a flood of brainwaves that might seem like daydreams to others. But consider them seriously. Personal: Give yourself time to meet others; you could meet someone significant.

So, play the game and make it a battle of wits. Love: You will be feeling very low and less enthusiastic this week. So you may look forward to some drama with your partner. Professional: Seize the opportunity and reach out.

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Show your personality and skills to your best advantage. Love: You are emotionally vulnerable right now and, if single, are likely to have a few admirers in attendance. Personal: Take some time off and relax.

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A shopping spree could make you relook at things you never bothered with. Professional: Avoid taking on too much as work seems to be piling up and could exhaust you. Personal: You will be feeling rather gregarious and going out socially will help you relax.

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So colleagues will look to you to lead the way in times of turmoil. Professional: It is time to decide whether your efforts are bearing fruit or a change of tactics is required. Love: You will have no patience and will find your partner being argumentative and belligerent. Cosmic Cuisine. Campion, Nicholas London: Penguin. The Practical Astrologer. Zodiac: Enhance your life through astrology.

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