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His job combines unique views and an element of danger, as he maneuvers his crane cab feet in the air. This job is not for the faint-hearted.

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To interview Beeler I climbed up the thin, slick ladders and saw Eugene become smaller as I got closer to the crane cab. The higher I climbed up the crane, the more the wind blew and the tower swayed. As the crane cab and its arm rotated around the construction site, I felt a deep vibration on the metal platform. The housing subdivision will have units, bedrooms and four levels of parking. It is projected for completion by summer of A stocky man with minimal brown facial hair, Beeler is wearing a white hardhat, a black sweatshirt and jeans — comfortable clothes for sitting in a crane all day.

Beeler says he began his work with cranes when he was 18 in Lewiston, Idaho. The crane operator at the site had just quit, and Beeler was asked to try out the ground crane until he felt comfortable on it. Fifteen years later, Beeler moved from ground cranes to tower cranes. He says he knew tower cranes would be his favorite to operate after his first time.

And there is really nobody up here to bother you. Beeler says that he often will keep a microwave in the cab with him on jobs, but there is not a place to put it in this crane, so the oven sits outside the cab on an electrical box. Before his recent return to Eugene, Beeler spent the past six years operating cranes in Texas and previously worked in Idaho, Montana and North Carolina.

He came back to Eugene for his kids.

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Beeler has three children who live in town. Beeler said that two of his kids have been up in the tower with him. Beeler said the taller the crane, the better it is for crane operators, even if that means a longer, harder climb to the top. You can see over the top of everybody. He saw golden eagles, bighorn sheep and bald eagles in his daily work. Although he enjoys the scenery, Beeler has encountered troubles in his work over the years. Anytime something goes wrong with the crane loads, Beeler says, it is his fault, even though he is not on the ground to supervise.

Beeler says that once, he had someone on the ground check the hold of the crane choker and clear him to lift the load. Beeler picked up the load and moved it, but the straps broke and it fell off the crane next to a construction office. Climb down feet and check it myself? Beeler grabs the communicator and asks them to repeat themselves. They bid the job with not very much time, so they have to have a lot of overtime.

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In his small slice of free time, Beeler enjoys fishing and golfing. With miles of magnificent cityscapes and landscapes outside his office window, it would be hard for anyone not to find some contentment in the cab of a crane feet in the air. Tim has Listened, Led and Stood-up for us since His wife Mary Alice, an assistant dean at the school, also retired, and in the couple arrived in Eugene, where their son Michael and his family were living.

Instead, I threw myself into activism. He was invited to join its board, and he served as executive director from to It was unanimous with the City Council. Councilors put forth a motion to have a work session to discuss it scheduled for noon Wednesday, May 9. Positioning Eugene for a new wave of high tech jobs. Advocating for public safety and neighborhood protection. Your Councilor. Your Neighbor. Your Voice. That accounts for 75 percent of his campaign.

Incumbent Springfield Commissioner Sid Leiken told Eugene Weekly after his debate with Berney that his contributors are community-based, family-owned businesses.

These contributions exceed those in other county commissioner campaigns. They want the person to win and deliver. Commissioners Williams and Bozievich and Seneca were unavailable despite calls for comment. Wayne lottinvillc, Treasurer electedauditor4cityaccountability. He was dropped off at the park by his mother, who thought he was going for a hike.

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Instead, Teddy joined a group of other young people — some who were known to him, some who were not — who went to the river to get drunk. His family became concerned the following day when he failed to show up for important obligations — a funeral and job training to be a wildland firefighter, the latter a job his family knew Teddy was very excited about.

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Their worry turned to dread as they began to learn more about what happened to Teddy the night of his disappearance. Teddy, who I gather was not a practiced drinker and had little experience with alcohol or other drugs, was heavily intoxicated at the time of his disappearance and had fallen in the river repeatedly — numerous pictures taken by his friends and their own accounts of what happened before he vanished confirm that — but it remains unclear what exactly happened to him.

There are many possibilities. All of them have the same horrible outcome. Words cannot do justice to this lovely group of people. I grew up in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Teddy, who liked mixed martial arts and heavy metal music, might have been part of my group of friends had we been closer in age.

Sometimes I am surprised any of us did. For the weeks that he was missing, I obsessed about Teddy. I spent hours — alone and with others — walking along the bike path and the riverbank looking for him or evidence of what happened to him. I would have been happy to be wrong, but I knew Teddy was in the river. It was a truly awful prospect, and all signs pointed to it. I did not know Teddy personally, and I can only imagine how his disappearance and death impacted his family and friends.

His case affected me, and I remember thinking: What if Teddy had never been found? How would they maintain their momentum to keep searching for him, or would they? For many, many reasons, I am interested in the dark underbelly of our community. I interact with it constantly. NamUs is an officially sanctioned resource used by law enforcement and other government agencies, as well as the public, to aid in finding missing people and identifying skeletal remains.

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The Charley Project is the private, unofficial project of one highly devoted individual who does an amazing job of gathering information about missing people. According to the NamUs database, approximately 60 people are missing in Lane County. The Charley Project lists approximately 30 people missing in Lane County.

About a third of those they profile are the same people. Their pain and fear and determination to find out what happened to him was palpable to anyone who encountered them.