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Mirach or the most southern of the three, below the belt in cingulo trium Australis. Its name comes from Mirak, the loins. It brings unusual beauty, love for the home, deep devotion, benevolence, forgiveness, love, winning through good-heartedness, fame and good luck in marriage according to Robson. It gives fame and wealth in marriage according to Julevno. It bore the traditional name Schedar, which was first encountered in the Alfonsine tables of the thirteenth century. Johannes Hevelius used the name Schedir in his writings, although there were additional traditional spellings of this Arabic transliteration such as Shedar, Shadar, Sheder, Seder, Shedis, and Shedir.

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According to Ptolemy, Schedar is of the nature of Saturn and Venus. Gamma Andromedae, also named Almach, is the third-brightest point of light in the constellation of Andromeda. Almach is of the nature of Venus according to Ptolemy. It gives honour, elevation, and artistic aptitudes according to Robson.

Algol, Beta Persei, the Head of Medusa Caput Medusae , from Al-Ghul, the monster or the devil: this star brings about woes, violence, brutality and cruelty. According to Ptolemy, the star is of the nature of Jupiter and Saturn. According to Leowicz, it is of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It often indicates violent death, but it does not exclude elevation and wealth. Robson considers it the worst star. Junctinus of Florence believed that when in it is in conjunction with the Sun or the Moon, or the ruler of the Ascendant, or the ruler of the 8th House, the individual is very likely to experience a violent death.

It is only when it is in conjunction with Jupiter, and when the said conjunction receives soft aspects, that Algol may bring about power and wealth. They are in analogy with fair, love, wine, feast, or when they are not well-aspected, with debauchery, lechery, wantonness, and excesses in general. Honours and wealth may be favoured, but Aldebaran usually tends to withdraw what it offers since durability is not its feature. Robson mentions danger, violence, and illnesses. Like Algol, when Aldebaran is in conjunction with the Sun, the Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant, sometimes when it is on the Ascendant or ruler of the 8th House, it may cause a violent death, according to Garcoeus.

According to Robson, it brings about benevolence, honour, wealth, glory, fame, and inventive and mechanical abilities. When it is not well-aspected, the individual may be reckless and foolhardy. Just between the first and second magnitude and slightly variable, it is about the 25th-brightest star in the night sky. According to Ptolemy, Bellatrix is of the nature of Mars and Mercury.

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It brings great civil or military honours, but sudden danger of dishonour, fame, wealth, eminent friends, possible accidents causing blindness and ruin. If this star is prevailing in the chart of a woman, it makes her chatty and quarrelsome, and gives a harsh and high-pitched voice, very catching according to Robson. It makes the person irreligious, perfidious, greedy, and fond of hunting according to Fomalhaut. Conjunct the Ascendant with Mars, it may cause death through fire according to Julevno. On the Ascendant with the Moon, it may bring lust, madness, and acute illness according to Fomalhaut.

On the Midheaven, it may bring bickering and hatred. Capella, also designated Alpha Aurigae, is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga, the sixth-brightest in the night sky, and the third-brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere after Arcturus and Vega. According to Ptolemy, Capella is of the nature of Mars and Mercury.

Literally, the She-goat of the goat Capella Hircus. Capella makes people naturally shy with a fearful mind which becomes alarmed at the slightest noise and scared by the most improbable ghosts. It also urges to visit unknown lands according to Manilius.

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According to Robson, it gives honour, wealth, elevation, fame, public status of confidence, and eminent friends. The person is careful, faint-hearted, worried, very fond of learning and particularly of novelties. According to Fomalhaut, conjunct the Ascendant and the Moon, it brings risks of defamation and poisoning by women, and conjunct the MC with the luminaries or an auspicious star, it brings huge profits but a tragic end.

Mintaka, also designated Delta Orionis and 34 Orionis 34 Ori is a multiple star some 1, light years from the Sun in the constellation of Orion. Together with Alnitak Zeta Orionis and Alnilam Epsilon Orionis , the three stars make up the belt of Orion, known by many names among ancient cultures. According to Ptolemy, Mintaka is of the nature of Jupiter and Saturn. Mintaka gives good fortune according to Robson. Alnilam, designated Epsilon Orionis, is a large blue supergiant star some 2, light-years distant in the constellation of Orion.

It is estimated to be , to , times as luminous as the Sun, and around 34 times as massive. Literally, the middle one among the three on the belt of Orion Cinguli Orionis media 3 , of Al-Nitham, the string of Pearls. Alnilam brings short-lived public honours according to Robson. Conjunct the Ascendant, it indicates usefulness through a death Fomalhaut.

Conjunct the Descendant, it makes the person studious and knowledgeable. It is very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current northern pole star. According to Ptolemy, Polaris os of the nature of Saturn and Venus. Literally, the tail of The Little Bear Stella Polaris , or also the rider or the great sovereign of the august sky. It causes many illnesses, anxiety, loss of fortune, disgrace and deep distress, legacies and inheritances after much hassle according to Robson.

Some Arabs believe that watching Polaris cures ophthalmia. When it is not well-aspected, it may cause brutal death through lightning bolt or cannon. When it is very well-aspected, it may bring about sudden wealth such as hitting the jackpot or making gains from the stock exchange market. Beta Aurigae, also named Menkalinan, is a binary star system in the northern constellation of Auriga. Menkalinian is of the nature of Mars and Mercury according to Ptolemy. Menkalinan causes ruin, disgrace, and often violent death according to Robson.

Gamma Geminorum, also named Alhena, is the third-brightest star in the constellation of Gemini. Alhena gives elevation in the arts, love of comfort, luxury, lust and pleasure, as well as military honours and danger of losing them according to Robson. Sirius, Alpha Canis Majoris, the brilliant star named the Dog in ore splendissimus vocata Canis , from Seir, to shine, or Heat wave: according to Ptolemy, Sirius is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter, according to Leowicz, of the nature of Mercury and Mars.

According to Welling, it is of the nature of Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and it gives a violent and impetuous character inclined to fury. When it is on the MC, or very-well aspected, it may bring about fame and riches, but in general, the individual is violent, proud, quick to threaten, and irascible. Canopus, also designated Alpha Carinae, is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina, and the second-brightest star in the night-time sky, after Sirius. According to Ptolemy, Canopus is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter.

According to Robson, Canopus gives piety, conservatism, wide knowledge with understanding, travels, educational works, evil changed into good.

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According to Fomalhaut, conjunct the Ascendant, it brings wealth, fame, trials, and travels. On the Midheaven, it brings high dignities, and on the FC, tragedies caused by water. Castor, Alpha Geminorum, the star on the head of the Western Twin in capite Gemini praecedentis , or Apollo, from Ras-Algeuze: according to Ptolemy, Castor is of the nature of Mercury, according to Leowicz, of the nature of Mercury and Jupiter, and according to Julevno, it is of the nature of Mars, Venus, and Saturn, and it gives a keen intellect, distinction, success in laws and publishing, honours, and fame.

However, reversals of fortune are sudden because Castor often takes back what it offers. When it is not well-aspected, Castor may turn the individual into a pernicious and violent person, according to Robson. According to Ptolemy, Adhara is of the nature of Venus. Its traditional name is Adara or Adhara. Literally, that which is under the belly between the thighs sub aluo inter femora.


Pollux, Beta Geminorum, the star on the head of the Eastern Twin in capite Gemini sequentis subflava , or Hercules, or Abrachaleus: according to Ptolemy, Pollux is of the nature of Mars and gives a subtle, skilful, clever, brave, and daring temperament. When it is not well-aspected, it brings about malice, cruelty, a link with fishes, and may cause death through fire or through thieves. It is a yellow-white F-type supergiant.

According to Ptolemy, Wezen is of the nature of Venus. Literally, the one at the base of the left thigh in eductione femoris sinistri.

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According to Robson, Procyon creates activity, but also violence, and it is related to hunting and weapons used for hunting. Procyon may make the individual an insolent, proud and neglectful person, but when it is well-aspected, it brings about loyalty in friendship. Beta Ursae Minoris, also named Kochab, is the brightest star in the bowl of the Little Dipper asterism which is part of the constellation of Ursa Minor , and only slightly fainter than Polaris, the northern pole star and brightest star in Ursa Minor.

Alpha Cancri, also named Acubens, is a star system in the constellation of Cancer. It is also the protective and hiding place. It brings creativity, malevolence, and poison, and makes the person a liar and a criminal according to Robson. It bore the traditional names Dubhe and Ak. According to Ptolemy, Duhbe is of the nature of Mars.

Alkaid (Eta Ursae Majoris): Star Type, Name, Location, Constellation | Star Facts

Beta Ursae Majoris, also named Merak, is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Ursa Major. According to Ptolemy, Merak is of the nature of Mars. Alphard, also designated Alpha Hydrae is the brightest star in the constellation of Hydra.