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Dear Sonia I am ali khan from Karachi, Pakistan if you have contact with shri mali can you tell him that i have sent him indian rupees via western union but he could not send the kundali of two persons it was about 8 months passed of when ever i call him on phone his managers does not allow me to talk with him before sending the money he talked with me four or five times as im very much ashamed on this act in front of my friends.

Please mail them if u Have. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. FareChase - Search multiple travel sites in one click. Posted October 21, Srimali has delibrately kept his consultation fee low at Rs. And when one meets him he will try his best to sell his wares. People like us who are aware of some astrology through these beautiful somehow avoid buying. But what about a common man??? Srimali appears on TV and people feel kuch to hoga jo TV par aa rahe hain. My friends in Delhi know him from the time he was full fledged Tantrik. Now with advent of TV he has changed his money making approach and comes as Acharya.

My aim is not at all to malign any of above persons. They are actually Astro business men so doing their duty of money making as business man. But it pinches when people try to extract exorbitant sums from people already in trouble. Looking forward to feedback from other members.

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And sorry if anybody felt offended. Those who are very famous and are paid by the TV channels per episode and those who pay the channels for their appearences.

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The first category contains only four or five astrologers. All others on Aastha, Saadhna, etc channels fall in second category. Once in a while such offers from new TV channels or 'to be launched' channels come my way.

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The cost per episode ranges from Rs. If an astrologer shoots for 10 episodes, his pocket is lighter by at least Rs. He will then resort to unfair means to recover this investment and to earn profit too. I have always refused to pay for my appearences, so no TV fame for me. Why should I be providing my services and paying for them too unless I intend to make more money out of my appearences? It is purely business in the name of astrology.

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To be on TV one only needs money, not any knowledge of astrology. All questions and answers are predecided and rehearsed. I have personally witnessed such shootings in Delhi in studios in Tilaknagar and Noida. The astrologers in this group are far better, more honest and helpful than those being shown on TV. Visit your group "" on the web. They have also launched a magazine around 5 years back and at the end of each article, they will ask to for some particular items that can be purchased from their ashram only.

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One of my friend went to him, so I just asked my friend to ask him the difference between lagna, arudha lagna, varnada lagna and prana pada lagna. The astrologer very cleverly told him that all these are not required and only natal chart is enough to make predictions.

I don't know whether he knows about that or not. One more thing abt him is tht.. But, when he does nothing but prescribe havan and poojas, then his intentions should be doubted. Their most used weapon is Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

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They can find it in almost all horoscopes. The description they provide is so terrifying that anyone would be scared out of his wits.

Suresh Shrimali यदि आपकी कुंडली में गुरू इन भावों में हो तो करें मेरे बताए ये Business और पाए सफलता

They have some good reasons behind it. Suppose you have been told that you should wear a yellow sapphire most commonly prescribed , you will find the best shop or jeweller and get it from there. Or you will find someone who is in gemstone trade and get it from there.

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Even if the astrologer himself sells you the stone, he is not getting much profit out of it. But, if he has prescribed you the pooja or havan, which only he can perform properly, then all your expenses are his profit. He earns more than 50 percent out of what you have spent on pooja, if performed by him.

The pooja can also be performed collectively. For example, seven people can be seated around a single havan kund, doing havan for saturn or Kaal Sarpa.

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  5. Thus, the astrologer saves both the pooja saamagri and time, all the while earning lots of money because he has charged all seven people full pooja fees. The costlier the astrologer, the more famous he becomes. It is purely business for them. Posted October 22, The transits and dasha both are very supportive. Check your time of birth once again. At Send me your photograph to ascertain your ascendent. Terms of Service.

    Guest Guest The deft no. Some of the degrees and award conferred on the deft no. ON cursory study of the introduction and post script written on the front and back title page of the said book, the plaintiff found that the deft no.

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    On detail study of the book and after consulting various Ld Pandit and Acharyas and other scholors on the aforesaid subject and also after taking expert opinion, the plaintiff came to the conclusion that the defts no. It is claimed that the plaintiff has learnt that the deft is only a BeD, M. A and has little knowledge of astrology and religion and is claimed bogus and boastful and he is habitual cheat and a bog fraud.

    Radhu 7 Krishan Shrimali has been a good name in the publishing world and there is no doubt about his having authored more than books on astrology and other subjects. The answering deft when came to know about the aforesaid author he assigned him job of writing books for him and in that regard entered an agreement with Sh. Radha Krishan Shrimali on Hence, the answering deft is not liable to compensate to the plaintiff in any case. People in India and abroad believe astrology and also practice it and till date nobody has challenged this art which is no doubt not a perfect science but based on one's deep faith and devotion towards their deities etc.

    There are number of instances from the time of Ramayana to till date where different astrologers and saints had done predictions that came true in future. Hence, this has been our culture which can not be challenged.